“See ME: The Invisible Autistic Boy” by David Petrovic and Sandy Petrovic

“See ME: The Invisible Autistic Boy” by David Petrovic and Sandy Petrovic 172 265 Reader Views Kids

See ME: The Invisible Autistic Boy

David Petrovic (Author, Illustrator), Sandy Petrovic (Editor, Preface)
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN 979-8841652328
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (1/2023)

Author David Petrovic and his mother, Sandy Petrovic, have invited readers into their hearts and minds through the story, pictures, activities, and words strewn across the pages of “See ME: The Invisible Autistic Boy.” 

“See ME: The Invisible Autistic Boy” is separated into three distinct parts. The first part is David’s story. What happened to him in high school, from the bullies to lonely lunches and finally Nick’s kind gesture that changed it all. The second part is all about David’s autism, from David’s perspective. In this part David gives readers an inside look at his mind, how his thoughts are all held in separate boxes and how he sometimes has trouble making the connections, to his aversion to loud noises and the ‘chit chat’ he does to calm himself down. Lastly, the third part is comprised entirely of activities. Ranging from word searches, to fill in the blanks, drawing, a maze, and more, this part engages readers in the harder words strategically italicized throughout the story and aids in challenging readers to change their perspectives from negative to positive. Throughout all three parts, David’s message is clear, embrace a difference…and MAKE a difference.

It is okay to be different. However, as David’s story shows, it can be lonely at times. But as people get to know you, and you them, friends can come from unlikely places. “See ME: The Invisible Autistic Boy” is such an insightful book. While written for a younger audience, I found this read to be just as encouraging and thoughtful from a parent’s perspective as well. David’s mother, Sandy, contributes to the preface and gives readers a brief glimpse of her own background as a mother of an autistic son. However, it’s David’s words, and the story he’s put on the pages of this book, that really make it the incredible, knowledgeable, and engaging read that it is. 

Readers are given a 360-degree view of life with autism. From the feelings of invisibility, to the one person who befriends you and changes the trajectory of high school, “See ME: The Invisible Autistic Boy” is truly a wholistic and well-rounded, yet easy read.

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