Sam the Snowman by Susan Winget

Sam the Snowman by Susan Winget 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Sam the Snowman
Susan Winget
HarperCollins (2008)
ISBN 9780061144752
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (10/08)


“Sam the Snowman” is about a snowman that can’t make snow.  All of the other snowmen know how to do it, but not Sam.  His teacher sends him to Countryville as the residents are anxiously waiting for the winter season and he needs to make snow for them.  Through the “magic of giving” Sam is able to make his first snowflake.

Cayden:  “This cover is really cool!  It is glittery and you can feel it on there.  Look the words have glitter on them too!”

Max:  “Me feel it!  Glitter!  Cool!”

Cayden:  “Look at that clock!  Instead of numbers it has weather things on it like sun and leaves and snow.”

Cayden:  “They teach him how to make snow in school?”

Max:  “Walk in forest!”

Cayden:  “Those people and animals in the woods want it to snow.  I hope Sam can help them!  He is having a little trouble though!”

Max:  “Did it!!!”

Cayden:  “Yes and he made a lot of it!  If that dog doesn’t watch out he might get buried under it!”

Cayden:  “My favorite part was when he is in school and the teacher is showing him how to make snow.  I also liked when he finally did it and everybody had fun sledding and ice skating!”

Parent’s comments:
“Sam the Snowman” by Susan Winget is a cute book for the winter season.  My children loved the glittery textured cover!  The illustrations were very interesting and engaging and the storyline was unique.  I am sure that the next time it snows my children will be outside looking for the broom-wielding snowman that is making it!

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