Safely through the Night by Elena Pasquali

Safely through the Night by Elena Pasquali 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Safely through the Night
Elena Pasquali
Lion Books (2008)
ISBN 9780825478178
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4.5) and Max (age 2.5) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (5/09)

“Safely through the Night” is about a girl named Emily, her bear Cinnamon, and her quilt named Hug.  In the night, they are awakened by a star-beam tapping on the window which Emily pulls in and tries to wind up.  A gust of wind comes and Emily, the bear, and quilt are whisked away on a ride to the moon.

Cayden:  “I liked the glitter things on every page that you could feel.  I liked that they went on a ride on her quilt.  That bear looked like he was going to fall sometimes though.  I think he was scared.  It was cool that they went up to the moon and talked to that angel.”

Max:  “I like feeling the pages too.  She had a bear in her bed like I have a bear in my bed.  I liked when they went through the forest.”

Parent’s comments:
Like my children, I enjoyed the glitter embellished pages in “Safely through the Night.”  The story itself was creative, but I had a hard time getting my children to focus on the words.  They really couldn’t seem to get fully into the book, their minds kept wandering.  The book just didn’t have the spark or pull to keep them engaged.

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