Sadie’s Harvest and the Book of Souls
Josephine Usrey
Outskirts Press (2019)
ISBN 9781977203885
Reviewed by Ciara (age 12) for Reader Views Kids (9/19)

Simon is trying to raise his sister Sadie after their father is killed. They are struggling just to get by, and Sadie believes there is no hope in sight for them. Then things get interesting when she goes to the market and finds more than she bargained for – a warlock. “Sadie’s Harvest and the Book of Souls: The Price of a Soul, The Cost of Redemption,” by Josephine Usrey gives the reader transformations, demons, a talking cat and universal chaos as Simon tries to save his sister Sadie’s soul from an unspeakable evil warlock named Mulidesa.

I liked how this book was filled with fast-paced, action-packed adventure on every page. The problems that Simon and his friends face are terrifying and full of suspense. Although maybe a little yucky in parts, I was thrilled with the monsters and the constant struggles the main characters have to overcome.

I think my favorite part in the story was, when Mulidesa appeared surrounded in a mist into the field that Sadie was standing in after she had changed. It came together at that point as to what the evil warlock’s plans were. I felt sorry for Simon, because it seemed every time he thought he was ahead, something happened, and he had to figure out a new approach to his problems. Simon was my favorite character in the book because no matter what, he never gave up trying to save his sister.

There definitely were some creepy parts in this story, like when they found a little boy with bite marks on his neck. Simon realized it was from a demon, that was only truly revealed by its reflection in the mirror.

“Sadie’s Harvest and the Book of Souls: The Price of a Soul, The Cost of Redemption,” by Josephine Usrey is a story that readers will be hooked into reading to find out what happens to Simone and his sister Sadie, and how they try to figure out a plan to defeat the evil warlock. I enjoyed reading this story and hope to read more by this author.

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