Sadako by Eleanor Coerr

Sadako by Eleanor Coerr 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Eleanor Coerr
Putnam Juvenile (1993)
ISBN 9780698115880
Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 7) for Reader Views (9/08)


I thought this was a really fun book to read because there are so many new words to learn and so many things I never knew about before.  I learned about Hiroshima and the big bomb; that was sad.  This was not a boring book to me.  I think other kids would like reading about Sadako’s life.  This book is kind of sad, but it had a lot of happy times with friends and family.  The artwork was really good.  I don’t think that I will read this book again.

Parent Comment:
I loved this book; it brought me to tears.  What a moving story in “Sadako” by Eleanor Coerr.  Despite the fact that Madeline says that she doesn’t plan on reading this book again, I wouldn’t be surprised if she picked it up again. She was very captivated by the story. I think it is a bit heavy material for younger kids to grasp — bombs, illness and death. She asked me several times why I sounded so sad when it was my turn to read.

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