Ruth (Chronicles of Faith) by Kjersti Hoff Baez

Ruth (Chronicles of Faith) by Kjersti Hoff Baez 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Ruth (Chronicles of Faith)
Kjersti Hoff Baez
Barbour Publishing (2007)
ISBN 9781597899284
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 10) for Reader Views (3/08)


Perhaps you have heard of Ruth; she is one of the most famous women in the Bible. But you’re a kid and want to read the story in a way you understand. “Chronicles of Faith” take historical figures and tell their story in a kid-friendly way. The books read like novels, but are very easy to read. This series has been created for kids ages 8-12. With larger print words and illustrated with many pictures, the stories read easily.

The story opens with Ruth holding a baby. She had lost her husband and wondered how she would go on. Her former mother-in-law Naomi and sister-in-law Orpah are by her side. Naomi tries to encourage the two widows to return to their homeland and families. She feels that the young women would be better off without her and perhaps will each find other husbands. Orpah listens while Ruth clings to Naomi’s side.

With God’s guidance, Naomi and Ruth travel to Naomi’s homeland. Naomi encourages Ruth to glean in the fields not knowing the fields are owned by a relative who can redeem the land and Ruth could still have the family and prosperity that she desires.

If you wish you could understand more of just what happened in the story of Ruth, you need to pick up this book, “Ruth (Chronicles of Faith).”  Based on Biblical facts, you are sure to learn some things that you may have missed in Sunday School or Bible Class. It’s amazing how perseverance and God’s guiding hand can change the course of what looks like certain disaster.

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