Rupert, the Sturdy Oak Tree
J. Fitzgerald
Outskirts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781432757342
Reviewed by Marten Weldon (age 6) for Reader Views (12/10)

“Rupert, the Sturdy Oak Tree” by J. Fitzgerald is about a sturdy oak tree named Rupert. He was mean to the other trees and he thought that he was the only one that produced food for the animals because he produced acorns. He was kind of snobby so the other trees didn’t play with him. Rupert was lonely.

One day Rupert noticed that the maple trees were getting tapped. The people were going around and were tapping on the maple trees so they could make pancake syrup.

Rupert decided that he would be nice to the other trees and then the other trees were nice back and Rupert was happy.

I liked the drawings but the illustrator did not color everything in really well.

I would recommend “Rupert, the Sturdy Oak Tree” to some of my friends.


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