Rules Are Rules by Julie Scandora

Rules Are Rules by Julie Scandora 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Rules Are Rules
Julie Scandora
Book Publishers Network (2008)
ISBN 9781887542647
Reviewed by Sophia (age 6) and Madeline (age 7.5) McElroy for Reader Views (1/09)


Sophia: I thought Maya was a nice girl but she wasn’t! She didn’t want to hug or kiss her aunt. I like the watercolor of Maya sitting under the tree listening to the birds. I like when she listens to the birds’ songs; they are so funny. I like the painting with the squirrels climbing the tree. I really like the paintings a lot. My favorite part of the story is when Maya is “sleep walking” in the forest and almost runs into her neighbor! I liked that Maya made her aunt a card; it was nice.

Madeline: This book is about a girl named Maya who does not want to kiss or hug her aunt when she comes to visit. Maya’s neighbor helps her learn how to make her aunt and her parents happy. I think that she came up with a good idea about how to not kiss or hug her aunt but to still make her happy by giving her aunt a nice card. I thought it was funny that Maya would hear the chick-a-dees talking to her in the forest. At first I thought Maya was not a very good girl but soon after a couple of pages she turned out to be a good little girl. I learned from this book how to solve problems even if I don’t want to do them. I like the watercolors a lot! I think other children my age and older would want to read “Rules Are Rules” by Julie Scandora to help them solve their problems too.


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