Ruby Bakes a Cake (I Can Read!) By Susan Hill

Ruby Bakes a Cake (I Can Read!) By Susan Hill 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Ruby Bakes a Cake (I Can Read!)
Susan Hill
Zonderkidz (2010)
ISBN 9780310720225
Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (08/10)

Ruby wants to bake a cake for her friends. She asks each one of her friends if they know what it takes to bake a cake and then invites them to come to her house once the cake is finished. Each of Ruby’s friends replies with what they think it takes to bake a cake and promise to come join her upon its completion. Once Ruby bakes the cake she realizes she did not do it correctly, and it is not good. Her friends are gracious enough to point out the good qualities in her cake instead of focusing on the bad. She learns how to make the best of a situation along with the importance of being a supportive friend!

Madison’s comments:

Ruby asked “What does it take to bake a cake?” Sam said “try adding nuts.” Bunny rabbit said “Carrot tops!” Dan Duck said “I enjoy snails.” Jenny wren said “Don’t forget squiggly worms.” Frankie frog said “flick, flick flies.” Ruby said “Please come to my house when the cake is done.” Her friends came over and said “Here comes the cake! Here comes the cake, now it’s almost done!” The cake was not good. All her friends said yes and she said no. “No” said Sam. “It’s nice and crunchy.” “No” said Bunny, “It’s nice and tall.” “No” said Frankie, “Its’ green! One green cake!” “No” said Dan duck, “It’s round and circley.” She said this does not taste good but thank you!

Mom’s comments:

This book was a wonderful example and illustration to my daughter of how to make the best of a situation, even if things do not go right! We were able to read this book multiple times. She fell in love with Ruby and her friends, just as she has in other Ruby books. The book captures Ruby trying something new for the first time. As always, not everything turns out quite like we expect it when we try something new, but with the help of her friends her cake is a success and they look on the positive side. The book makes it easy for a child learning to read, to develop and remember words on sight. Each time Ruby ask her friends what it takes to bake a cake, the book uses the same wording. In return the wording is the same for the reply changing only for the character’s response and name. It made it very easy for Madison to read along with me. I was able to help point on words and have her sound them out. She would recognize the word on the following pages and just say them out loud. The illustrations are fun and colorful, but they don’t overtake the book. Madison paid attention to the words first and foremost.

“Ruby Bakes a Cake” is a wonderful and wholesome lesson that is great for young children and emerging readers. I would highly suggest it!


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