“Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home” by Jody A. Dean

“Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home” by Jody A. Dean 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Jody A. Dean, PhD
Tally Ho Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9780997345308
Reviewed by Willow Cramer (age 8) for Reader Views Kids (12/16)

As soon as I saw this book arrive in the mail, I had to read it to Mommy.

“Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home” by Jody A. Dean is about a cute little doggy named Roxie finding her forever home. Roxie started in one home, but was moved to a new home with a new mommy and daddy. Roxie’s foster mommy and daddy (Dawn and Jim) make me think of my mommy and daddy because of what they look like and how much they love me.

I really liked lots about this book. I liked that Roxie was a little nervous at first, but after seeing her new sister Mina, she was very happy and she loved her new home so much that she wanted to stay forever. I also liked Roxie because she was red, brown, and black and I had never seen a red dog before. I also liked meeting the real Roxie because she looked exactly the same as on the cover except she looked like a real dog. I was surprised by how many awards Roxie had and wonder how she got them. She had so many awards! I also liked that she loved chicken, baby carrots, broccoli, and green beans. I like those vegetables too! I wonder if she likes peas. My favorite part of the book was when Mina and Roxie fell asleep on each other because they were being nice to each other.

I liked the pictures. They were really good. Some words were big and some words were small. My favorite picture is when Roxie and Mina are sleeping in the same bed while Roxie’s new mommy is petting them. I hope I can draw pictures like this one day.

I am so excited that I get to keep this book because I want to read about Roxie the Doxie again and again and again. I think other little kids would like “Roxie the Doxie Finds Her Forever Home” by Jody A. Dean too. I saw on the back of the book that Roxie will have another book called “Roxie the Doxie – New Kid in School.” I am very excited about this book, too, and hope to read it!

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