Rooftop Rescue: The High Adventures of Sara, the Pineapple Cat
Anne Louise Pemberton
CreateSpace (2008)
ISBN 9781434839435
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (7/08)

“Rooftop Rescue: The High Adventures of Sara, the Pineapple Cat” is the first book in a series of Sara, the Pineapple Cat adventures.  Sara is called the Pineapple Cat because she has pineapple yellow fur crossed with white stripes.  Sara has a stuffed pink elephant named Pinky of whom she is very fond.  Her human parents are Susan and David.  Susan has a flower garden outside and Sara loves to walk around and explore all of the flowers, birds, and bees in it.  One day after tiring of walking through the flowers, Sara decided to explore somewhere new and climbs the wooden trellis on the house up to the roof.  She sees so many things from the roof and enjoys the view.  However, when it came time to get down she keeps slipping and can’t figure out how to do it.  How is she going to get down?

“The Pineapple Cat is a funny name!!  I like pineapples!”

“Pinky looks like a nice stuffed elephant.  I think there is a little picture of him on every page.  There are little pictures of the cat on every page too around the words.”

“Sara wants to go outside and play!  I think she likes the garden.”

“I hope she doesn’t get stung by a bee!”

“We have robins in our yard too.”

“She is going on the roof?  That is dangerous!”

“She is going to get stuck up there!  Or she is going to fall down!”

Parent’s comments:
“Rooftop Rescue: The High Adventures of Sara, the Pineapple Cat” was a fun adventure that I think is best suited for older preschoolers or early school-age children due to the minimal illustrations and large amount of text.  Cayden, at age 4, enjoyed the book but Max, at age 2, did not have any interest in it whatsoever.  The story is very fun and engaging.  There are a lot of descriptive passages which allow you to envision the setting clearly in your mind but, in my opinion, I think that there is almost too much description for a children’s book.  There were a couple times when I lost Cayden’s attention in the midst of these passages.  However, once the action started back up again he really enjoyed the story and is excited to read the next book in the series!

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