“Rogue Wolf” by Robin Mason

“Rogue Wolf” by Robin Mason 150 150 Reader Views Kids


Robin Mason
Tricklewood Press (2017)
ISBN 9780994837165
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 15) for Reader Views (05/17)

“Rogue Wolf” by Robin Mason is a book about seventh-grader Jackson and his friend Sarah. All is well in the magical glen that grants Jackson and Sarah the ability to speak with animals, until a pack of eleven wolves arrive. Jackson and Sarah know that such a large wolf pack will quickly deplete the glen’s herds of elk and deer. In order to preserve the magic of the glen, they must find a way to make the pack leave. However, Rogue, the leader of the pack, does not seem to care that he might jeopardize the glen and his pack’s own food supply, even when Jackson and Sarah bring these concerns before him. Jackson is now in a difficult position. Jackson is sympathetic to the pack’s need for territory and is loath to bring the news of a wolf pack to the authorities, knowing they will hunt and kill the wolves, but he is also faced with the possibility that the wolf pack will destroy the glen he’s come to love. How will Jackson and Sarah resolve this conundrum? Read and find out!

My favorite character is Jackson. Faced with difficult situations, Jackson always strives to find the best solution. It’s interesting to watch him develop throughout the series, going from staying indoors as much as possible to finding every excuse to visit the glen. Even during Rogue Wolf, one sees Jackson grow and mature. All the characters in Rogue Wolf are interesting and distinct. Robin Mason does a good job of developing each character individually, never overwhelming the reader with an excess of names.

However, Rogue Wolf and the series at large are not only great reads; each book addresses important environmental issues that are faced today. It is refreshing to see an author who can tell an interesting and engaging story while still conveying a vital message about the importance of environmental conservation.

I would suggest this book for all audiences. Although talking animals may seem cliché at first, the author does a fantastic job of making it new and original by tying the ability to a certain area. The animals all have fun personalities that make the book a joy to read. The plot is ever evolving as more and more threats come to light, which keeps the book interesting. Overall, “Rogue Wolf” by Robin Mason is an entrancing and enjoyable book that will draw you in and never let you out.

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