RiffRaffTheMousePirateSusan Schade
HarperCollins (2014)
ISBN 9780062305077
Reviewed by Eliana Summers (age 3) and Mom for Reader Views (8/14)

“Riff Raff the Mouse Pirate” by Susan Schade is an adorable book about a group of young mice pirates and their ship, The Sea Cat. Come along with Captain Riff Raff and his crew of mischiefs mice as they sail the waters looking for adventures. This time the adventure comes in the shape of a treasure map. When Blue and Brie find a treasure map, the mousey crew is more than excited to begin their journey! But oh no, a piece of the map is missing! This leaves them with only one clue, that the treasure lies somewhere on “Plu” Street. Can Captain Riff Raff and his crew find the treasure chest with this small clue? Will there be cheese included?

“Riff Raff the Mouse Pirate” by Susan Schade is one of those books that you keep in a special place in your library because you know your young ones will just keep asking for you to read it to them. In fact my 3 year old daughter loved the book before I even read it to her. The whole idea of a mouse pirate to her was as cool as it gets and she ended up reading it (well more like making up the storyline since she’s still getting there with her reading,) because I was taking too long to get to it. To me that shows just how much this book appeals to children. It’s cute, and the idea of the “Plu” Street clue was very clever, and the rhyming/singing it in was a big hit with the kids.  We would definitely recommend, “Riff Raff the Mouse Pirate” by Susan Schade to all children and parents alike.

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