Ribbit! Flip and See Who Froggy Can Be
Bender & Bender
Harper Collins (2007)
ISBN 9780061138201
Reviewed by Conner Aguren (age 3) and Mom for Reader Views (2/08)


“Ribbit! Flip and See Who Froggy Can Be” is just as the title suggests. The cleverly designed book dissects Froggy into three sections: eyes, mouth, and torso.  Each section has a description that, when read together, makes a nifty rhyme. Over 400 combinations can be made.

“Did you like the book?”

“I liked it a whole lot!”

“Which froggy did your think was the funniest?”

“I liked the cowboy and fireman frog. The one with the beard was funny too. The one that is really, really, really funny is the one with the worm in its mouth. I like the one where he’s a cowboy with his two guns.”

Parent’s comment:
Ingenious flip book. The unlimited combinations made for a lot of giggling and the rhymes were good. The graphics were excellent. “Ribbit! Flip and See Who Froggy Can Be” is a great book for helping expand the imagination.

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