“Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures” by Neeti Agarwal

“Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures” by Neeti Agarwal 1000 1000 Reader Views Kids

Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures

Neeti Agarwal
TOBschool (2023)
ISBN:  979-8988499206
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (08/2023)

“Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures (Ria and Vik’s Explorations, Book 1)” by Neeti Agarwal, is an exciting seasonal learning adventure for children. We are introduced to best friends, Ria and Vik, who learn a lot by exploring new things and finding adventure. They are curious children, and this time they want to know why the weather changes. Mrs. Johnson is their teacher, who explains the idea of what the seasons are, which sparks quite an interest in the children.

The two participate in a fun project led by their teacher. Filling 4 jars with water and food coloring shows them about each season. Ria and Vik can actually see what their teacher means, just by observing the changes in the jars when refrigerated. Each season is covered in this story and explains how the seasons play a part in nature, why it could be cool one day, and warm the next, the way we live our daily lives, and how spring is full of new life.

Agarwal has crafted a book that is enjoyable, educational, and appeals to children’s joy of learning. The illustrations by Nia Kurniaawati are colorful and lively, adding so much to the story. I like how the characters are best friends but have their own personalities. Ria is creative, and curious about a lot of things. Vik is up for any challenge and craves adventure. Learning about the weather appeals to both of them.  

This book is perfect for its intended age group of 4 to 7 years and brings science and the seasons to life with the help of two children and their teacher. The interactive, activity aspect gets readers involved in the story and will have children, parents, and teachers enjoying and learning together. The use of the 4 jars was the standout aspect of this story, and the accompanying images explain the concept very well. This book will encourage children to explore nature, do experiments, ask questions, find answers, and just enjoy learning about math and science in general. The idea in the book that encourages children to start a nature journal is a really fun idea, too. For a book that will quickly become a favorite and appeal to children’s natural curiosity, “Ria and Vik’s Seasonal Adventures” by Neeti Agarwal, is a winner.

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