Rhino, Rhino, Sweet Potato by Francine Prose

Rhino, Rhino, Sweet Potato by Francine Prose 150 150 Reader Views Kids

Rhino, Rhino, Sweet Potato
Francine Prose
HarperCollins (2009)
ISBN 9780060080785
Reviewed by Brooke James (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (4/09)


“Rhino, Rhino, Sweet Potato” by Francine Prose is a story/poem about a boy named Roy who lives in a village called Sweet Potato.  The village grows sweet potatoes, which is all they eat.  One night, a group of Rhinos from across the river comes to the village and eats every single sweet potato!  The villagers want to shoot the rhinos, but Toy has a better idea.  Will the villagers listen to Roy even though he is only a boy?  Read “Rhino, Rhino, Sweet Potato” to find out!

Mom:  “Tell me about the book.”
Brooke:  “I really liked this book except when the rhinos tore everything up.”

Mom:  “What was your favorite part?”
Brooke:  “My favorite part is when Roy is sleeping with the baby rhino at the end of the book.”

Mom:  “Was there anything else you liked about the book?”
Brooke:  “I LOVED the pictures!!”

Mom:  “Do you think the author was trying to teach you anything?”
Brooke:  “Yes.  One thing.”
Mom:  “What was it?”
Brooke:  “Violence isn’t always the best thing to do.”

Parent’s comments:
This book is wonderful and the pictures are beautiful.  The story is also a poem.  This is neat because it is a very easy read from the beginning to the end.  The most beautiful part of this book, though, is its message.  It teaches kids (and adults) that kindness and bravery are extremely important tools for living together peacefully.  Violence should never be the first option!  I think this is an extremely important message for children today.  I highly recommend “Rhino, Rhino, Sweet Potato” by Francine Prose.

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