“The Ruth Adventures: Life on the Farm” by Nancy Youngdahl

“The Ruth Adventures: Life on the Farm” by Nancy Youngdahl 175 214 Reader Views Kids

The Ruth Adventures: Life on the Farm

Nancy Youngdahl
Mascot Books (2020)
ISBN: 9781645431053
Reviewed by Lydia D. (age 6) for Reader Views Kids

“The Ruth Adventures: Life on the Farm” by Nancy Youngdahl is the story of a little girl named Ruth; she lives on a farm with her family. Ruth is six years old, has a mom, dad, and brother, and lots of pets on the farm. Ruth likes living on a farm and getting to do fun things like watching her brother clean out the horse stalls and put down the clean straw. Ruth also likes her family; she has a nice mom and dad who read to her and pray with her. Her dad will let her ride the tractor with him and will even dress up for a tea party with her! Ruth does fun things on the farm with her parents and feels safe and loved.

I like that Ruth is the same age as me; it helps me to have a better idea of how she’s feeling and what she’s thinking. She has a different life than I do with living on a farm, but we have it the same by having a loving family and dad. Ruth’s dad sounds like a lot of fun for getting dressed up for tea parties; I like to dress up, too. I also have a mom and dad who read to me and pray with me. God is a lot like a loving dad, too; I learn this from my parents and at school. I like that even though there was a part in the story when she didn’t tell the whole truth to her parents, she still went back to confess; I like this because I know that it’s the right thing to do.

I think that kids of all ages will like this book because they will be able to understand what it’s like living on a farm, having parents that love you, and having a Heavenly Father who loves you more. The story is easy to understand and the pictures are nice to look at.

A Note from Mom: “Life on the Farm” includes mostly subtle Christian references, but to believers, the parallel between Ruth’s loving father and our Heavenly Father is obvious. I found many similarities between Ruth’s life and Lydia’s life and love that this story helps readers who have a safe and loving family life to appreciate it. I agree with Lydia that this story is easy to read and understand and is a book for readers of any age. 

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