“I Am An Outer Space Alien” by Lois Wickstrom

“I Am An Outer Space Alien” by Lois Wickstrom 175 230 Reader Views Kids

I Am an Outer Space Alien

Lois Wickstrom
Look Under Rocks (2020)
ISBN: 978-0-916176-83-9
Reviewed by Lydia (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (02/2022)

“I Am an Outer Space Alien” is a silly book about a girl who lives on Earth but thinks she’s an alien from outer space. The girl’s name is Shirley, but she goes by Shirl. Shirl doesn’t like a lot of things like other people, such as spinach and basketball. Shirl works on radios to try to talk to aliens, or “her people.” One day, an alien comes on her ship, and Shirl gets excited. Shirl finds out that the alien is different from her but also similar. The alien is looking for her home planet, and Shirl doesn’t think that Earth is hers. Shirl and the alien get along well together; the alien decides to stay on Earth to play all of the time together with Shirl.

I have not read a book quite like this one before. I think it’s strange that Shirl believes she’s an alien from outer space, but I like that when the alien came to Earth, they got along and played together. I like the book because it’s short and has colorful pictures. The alien is how I thought they might look, but not about them wanting foods that are specific colors! I’m glad that there’s a happy ending and that both characters feel good in the end.

This story would be good for kids of any age to teach them that there is a friend out there for everyone.

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