“The Color of Greed” by Norman Westhoff

“The Color of Greed” by Norman Westhoff 175 265 Reader Views Kids

The Color of Greed

Norman Westhoff
Iguana Books (2021)
ISBN 9781771804905
Reviewed by Amy C. (age 17) for Reader Views Kids (05/2021)

“The Color of Greed” is the second book in the Erebus Tales series by Norman Westhoff. This follow-up to “Stone Fever” picks up the story in Antarctica a year and a half later. It’s an exciting mix of science fiction, action, and adventure, full of ancient customs, modern technology, climate change, geology and coming of age, with a bit of romance and espionage thrown into the mix for a well-rounded story sure to be enjoyed by all young adults and up.

Geologist Keltyn SparrowHawk is rebuilding her life among the Onwei tribe after being left for dead by her crew mates. The tribe is not easily swayed however and grudges run deep–but Keltyn slowly earns the trust of some key members and is even involved in a budding romance with one of the gauchos, Efrain, the nephew of the new tribal leader Ysidro. Just as she’s adjusting to her new life, she learns that Sir Oscar Bailey, CEO of Baily Enterprises, is gathering a crew for a second mission to Antarctica to further his scheme to control the source of iridium and the land in general. This only spells trouble for Keltyn as her connection with Bailey and her homeland, Canada, have been severed beyond repair. Will she and her Onwei family be able to come to a workable relationship with the Sky Borne’s or will there be a hostile takeover?

“The Color of Greed” is an amazing continuation of the Erebus Tales series and it surpassed my expectations as I enjoyed it even more than the first book, “Stone Fever,” a rare feat for sequels in my opinion. I settled into the story immediately and picked up right where I left off, the characters providing a welcoming homecoming of sorts to a fascinating world of old and new. While it’s probably unnecessary to read the first book in order to understand and enjoy “The Color of Greed,” I say, why not start at the beginning?

The characters really delivered and drove the narrative in this story and they felt more rounded and developed. The characters from the first book returned and readers were also greeted with a couple of new unsavory villains to root against. I have to say while I did enjoy seeing Keltyn adapt to her new environment, the character who grew and appealed to me most is Joaquin. Now 16 years old, he’s really coming into his own, making his mark on the world with a robust entrepreneurial attitude, discovering that despite his physical limitations he really is a shining star.

If I have one issue with, “The Color of Greed,” it’s that it ended too soon. I was so wrapped up in the story I was almost surprised to reach the end. That said, there promises to be another exciting adventure coming up and I look forward to the author’s next installment of the series. I highly recommend “The Color of Greed,” to young and older adults alike, anyone interested in sci-fi and geology, tribal customs and adventurous coming of age stories will enjoy the entire Erebus Tales series by Norman Westhoff.

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