“Larry the Caterpillar’s Groovy Journey” by Alicia Wallace

“Larry the Caterpillar’s Groovy Journey” by Alicia Wallace 175 124 Reader Views Kids

Larry the Caterpillar’s Groovy Journey

Alicia Wallace
Independently Published (2020)
ISBN 9781735399201
Reviewed by Lydia (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (10/20)

In “Larry the Caterpillar’s Groovy Journey” by Alicia Wallace, you read about a caterpillar named Larry who was just born on a green leaf. It was a stormy night that wasn’t much fun to be born on. After being born, Larry needed to eat; he couldn’t find any food in the storm, so he left to go find some somewhere else. It was getting hard for Larry to find food, and he was getting tired. When he was tired, he heard his family telling him happy and good things to keep him going. This helped Larry! Larry made it to some food and lived a happily with some friends.

One day, a bully yellow jacket came by and told Larry that he was going to eat him! Larry got scared and thought about running away, but then he remembered when he had to run away to find food when he was younger and how that wasn’t fun at all. He was brave and tricked the yellow jacket into leaving him alone. Sometime after that, Larry and his friends and family were wrapping themselves up in their chrysalises to become butterflies. Larry met a spider and was afraid that he was going to eat him! The spider surprised him, and they became good friends.

I liked reading “Larry the Caterpillar’s Groovy Journey” because it showed me how you can be strong, and not just with your muscles. There are many words in this book that I didn’t know their meaning, so my mom stopped reading lots of times to tell me what a word meant or what exactly was happening in the story. With my mom’s help, I understand now what the story is about, and it is a good story for kids of all ages. I think that kids a little older than me will understand it a little better than I did without someone explaining it to them. I liked the pictures in the book, except one of them when Larry was in his chrysalis made it look like he had a hot dog hanging off to the side! That was silly to look at.

Note from Mom: I agree with much of what Lydia said about the book; it is a helpful story with a good moral throughout, but it was a little advanced for her age without me explaining several of the pages. I like how the story addresses different situations that Larry (and people, too) faced, involving inner strength to find food, keeping your wits and cool in the face of a bully and when disaster seems eminent, and his overall resiliency. If kids took these skills to heart then we’d have many more level-headed children, making more calm situations everywhere.

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