“An Audience for Einstein” by Mark Wakely

“An Audience for Einstein” by Mark Wakely 175 263 Reader Views Kids

An Audience for Einstein

Mark Wakely
DartFrog Books (2019)
ISBN: 978-1951490041
Reviewed by Lily Andrews for Reader Views Kids (10/21)

“An Audience for Einstein” is a beautifully crafted, genre-bending work of fiction. This young adult science fiction novel chronicles the lives of three people whose lives become connected, with each of them seeking to benefit from an unconventional experiment.

Doctor Carl Dorning, a neurosurgeon has discovered a way to supplant memories and thoughts in humans. He entices Professor Percival Marlowe, a renowned astrophysicist who is old and aware of his failing health, to fund his project. Miguel Sanchez, on the other hand, is a homeless boy, whose mother is in rehabilitation, leaving him in the hands of his abusive, extortionist father. Dorning cunningly lures Miguel into accepting to lose his identity, experiences, and memories after promising him money and fame. Soon after, it dawns on Marlowe that Dorning had kept some disturbing truths about the experiment from him. He had been so caught up with the idea of his life being remembered that he had not considered the moral ethics of the procedure. He must find a way to make things right, not just for him but also the young, vulnerable boy even if it means an end to his existence.

Author Wakely has explored a new-fangled way of writing that is both fascinating and interesting as well. His way of switching Miguel’s character to that of Professor Percival is creatively done, making this yarn all the more enjoyable. It is noticeable that the author had this tale in mind before writing the narrative. The plot is well-executed and draws the reader in from the very beginning.

 I expected a lot of scientific jargon and a complex tale that would be very difficult to decipher but what I found when I started reading the chapters was mind-blowing. The vocabularies are well explained in the dialogues and one does not have to look them up. One of the things I liked about this book is how the author focuses the initial chapters on specific characters and events. This gives readers an idea of who they are and their role in the narrative. Further, it makes it easier to follow the plot and immerse oneself in it.

From the onset, Wakely’s prose is remarkably refined, inviting readers in on an inquisitive path of self-discovery. Indeed, one inescapably reflects on the concept of morality and ethics. This makes me heartily give the book 5 stars. I without a doubt recommend “An Audience for Einstein” by Mark Wakely to young and mature adults who are looking for a solid story with relatable characters. This plot should certainly be destined for the screens. Great job Author Wakely!

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