“A Week with Waffles” by Tom Speicher

“A Week with Waffles” by Tom Speicher 175 175 Reader Views Kids

A Week with Waffles

Tom Speicher (author) Marina Saumell (illustrator)
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 979-8985312201
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (08/2022)

“A Week with Waffles” by Tom Speicher, illustrated by Marina Saumell, is the charming children’s story where a cute guinea pig named Waffles takes the stage, by guiding us through a week in his life, by use of his weekly planner. Each day is filled with activities, from the routine, like eating; to trips to the library and out to eat with friends. Young readers will get to know the habits and daily life of Waffles, with detailed descriptions and explanations. We also get to meet his best friend Tom, who takes care of him. And we get to know a little about Tom as well–his work habits, the attention he gives Waffles, and the bond they share.

Speicher’s writing is descriptive and breezy, and pairs well with Saumell’s bright, colorful illustrations. We get a very clear picture of what Waffles’ life is like, and the questions the author poses invites children to think about their own daily activities, how to plan them, and how they can plan to have fun throughout the week.

If one word comes to mind while reading this book, besides fun of course, is organization. Waffles is one organized little critter, and he and Tom like it that way. This book can help little ones grasp the concept of organization and planning, to a degree, without being heavy handed. It also prompts readers to think ahead about the future, even if it is a week at a time.

This book would make a great reading resource for classrooms, or as a bedtime story. It can even help readers who are considering getting a guinea pig, as this story shows how much fun they can be. The story and illustrations will stir young imaginations and offers something new in animal-people stories.

Children will most definitely connect with Waffles and the activities he engages in from day to day. One specific example is when he and Tom share bonding time watching furry TV shows together while eating popcorn. This scene may remind children about the bonding time they may or may not have with their parents, siblings, or extended family. Overall, “A Week with Waffles” is an adorable children’s book that offers a peek into the world of a guinea pig and his best friend Tom.

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