“Cats vs. AI Pets” by Lian Sommer

“Cats vs. AI Pets” by Lian Sommer 175 212 Reader Views Kids

Cats vs. AI Pets

Lian Sommer 
Published by Salinya Uhde (2019)
ISBN 9786164977082        Reviewed by Lydia (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (09/2020)

“Cats vs. AI Pets” is the story of a little girl who lives in the future. This little girl has a mom and dad and a robot as a pet/friend. It is the future when cars can fly, and real animals aren’t too common as pets. For her birthday, the girl gets an actual cat as a pet from her parents. At first, she isn’t sure what to do with it because she is only used to her robot. The girl thinks that an animal won’t do much, not like a robot who has a screen on its belly for her to watch things or talk to people. The girl’s parents are starting to get upset that she is spending too much time with screens instead of talking to them. It doesn’t take too long until the girl realizes that her real cat is fun, and it’s fun to be able to pet a purring animal that will move differently than her robot. The girl’s parents are happy about it, and the girl is happy with both her robot (AI) pet and her real cat.

I like this book because I really like cats. I can’t imagine living in a time like the girl in the book, but in my time, I would be happy with both a real cat and a computer one. I thought the story was fun to read because it kept my attention, and the pictures were fun, too.  I think that people who will like this book will be both kids and grown-ups, either with or without pets.

A Note from Mom: I like the message in this book, which is one that I’m starting to get at with Lydia, that screens aren’t what we need to be doing all day. This is a great message for kids of all ages, especially in our technology-driven society. Technology isn’t a bad thing, but when kids can learn a balance like the girl in the book, then it works out well for everyone. I like that this book includes resources at the end for parents and that the author cared enough about this subject to bring it to children’s attention through a children’s book. 

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