“No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here” by Dawn Secord

“No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here” by Dawn Secord 175 144 Reader Views Kids

No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here

Dawn Secord (Author and Illustrator)
Dawn Secord (2021)
ISBN 9781734003901
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (10/2021)

Bling has a big responsibility resting upon her fluffy, dog shoulders—keeping the house safe from Ghoulish Green Monsters while the kids are away. With illustrations that drop you straight into Bling’s home touring room to room, readers are taken on an adventure, asked to be brave, and problem solve how to catch the monster before everyone returns home.  Full of animals and noises, young children are sure to love “No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here” by Dawn Secord.

Bling and her sidekick, Sushi the goldfish, are home alone protecting the house while the family goes to Grandma’s. Soon after they leave, there’s a bunch of scary noises—Kaboom, Tap, Tap, Tap. Bling knows she has to be brave and catch the Ghoulish Green Monster, but after searching all the rooms, she isn’t seeing, or hearing, where the monster could be hiding. She finds treats on the floor, and with the fishnet in paw to catch it, Bling is determined to get this monster before the kids get home.

“No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here” is an adorable children’s picture book with life-like illustrations and all types of animals to meet and interact with. Author Dawn Secord really seems to drop readers right into her family’s world as she leaves you to adventure and protect alongside her dog, Bling. With phrases like “Epic Einstein” and “Rollicking Raspberries,” combined with pictures of Bling in an adventurer’s hat and eyes magnified by the fishbowl, it is easy to laugh along with the story, pictures, and characters within. Even more fun, if you look closely enough, you can see the REAL culprit of the noise on most pages, providing more engagement with the book as you read it over and over again.

As we read this book in a house of dog and animal lovers ourselves, our kiddo loved following the pictures and learning more about other pets and animal friends. It exposed us to other breeds of dogs and showed us how our pets work to keep our home safe even when we aren’t there. The pictures were truly captivating as Bling’s personality came out on the page.

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