“Five Funny Tummy Men” by Jean Reed

“Five Funny Tummy Men” by Jean Reed 175 98 Reader Views Kids

Five Funny Tummy Men

Jean Reed
The Peppertree Press, LLC. (2020)
ISBN: 9781614937289
Reviewed by Lydia (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (10/2020)

EDITOR’S NOTE: This delightful children’s story has two editions, Caucasian and Multicultural!

“Five Funny Tummy Men” by Jean Reed is a funny book to read. I kept asking my mom when she would read it if there are actually little men in my tummy. Even though there aren’t, I like to pretend that there are. In this book, you learn about the five funny tummy men and what they do in your tummy after you have eaten some food. Each tummy man is the size of one of your fingers, so that is fun to look at your fingers while you’re reading about them.

First you learn about Mr. Boss. He is the boss of the tummy men and gives the orders. Next is Mr. Swallow, Mr. Grinder, Mr. Piler, and Mr. Deliveryman. I learned a lot about my tummy and these men in this book. It is interesting what all happens to your food after you’ve eaten it and knowing the right way to eat your food so you don’t get sick and make the tummy men upset.

After reading this book, I have been making sure to drink all of my milk and eat my fruits and vegetables so that I can have the piles for the deliveryman to deliver around my body and not make any parts sad and not grow. I thought that everything in the book was pretty easy to understand, and I liked some of the funny parts in it, too- like the party food that Mr. Boss yells out, that made me laugh. I think kids of any age will like this book.

A Note from Mom: I love this book! The inner workings of the human body can be difficult enough for adults to understand, let alone children. I like that the book talks about the right things to eat, the right amounts, how to chew your food and eat slowly, and also what can happen to the tummy men when you eat too fast, after swimming, and eating too much. There are some funny parts in the story- funny as it is, but funnier to make your child laugh harder when you use different voices or exclamations of what’s happening. The first time I started reading it to Lydia she didn’t get into it too much, but during the second half of the book and the second complete reading, she enjoyed it a lot. This is a great book for kids of any age to learn from and enjoy.

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