“Little Mouse Adventures: Yoga at the Zoo” by Teresa Anne Power

“Little Mouse Adventures: Yoga at the Zoo” by Teresa Anne Power 175 224 Reader Views Kids

Yoga at the Zoo

Author: Teresa Anne Power
Illustrator: Emma Allen
?Stafford House Books (2020)
ISBN: 9780998107097
Reviewed by Evan (age 7) for Reader Views Kids

“Yoga at the Zoo” is the first book in the Little Mouse Adventures by Teresa Anne Power about a little mouse that lives underground in a tree next to a house. In the house there is a cat named “Mr. Opus” and there is a little girl named Tammy. The little girl goes on a field trip and Mouse sneaks to join her and does yoga with her. She then went to a zoo for a field trip and he got to see all sorts of animals, like giraffes, famines, elephants, lions, peacocks, butterflies, orangutans, penguins, and lemurs.

Whenever Mouse meets a new animal, he is introduced to a new yoga move. Each time Mouse learns a new move, he feels better. Mouse can calm down and have fun.

I love to have fun. I never tried yoga so when Mouse started learning new moves I tried them. I was able to learn few and even my doggie got to join in! Now I have made up a few of my own when I feel like my heart starts to race or I feel like I have too many wiggles I remember some of the moves Mouse learned. I think this would be a fun book to share with my classmates right after the gym. Sometimes after gym class my friends have a ton of wiggles and being an animal in the zoo is a great way to calm your body plus who doesn’t want to be a lion? Or a giraffe?

A Note from Mom: I love the way yoga is introduced to the reader as well as to Mouse. Mouse learns to When faced with a potentially stressful situation, mouse calms down and makes his mind become peaceful. I have worked with children for over 8 years and this book would be such great book to introduce to kindergarteners to help them figure out their emotions. It can be hard to understand your feelings when you are a kid, heck it can be hard for us adults. This is such a good to help children be mindful of their heart and learn to listen to how they are feeling.

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