“This is Me! This is Who I’m Meant to Be!” by Amy Pflueger

“This is Me! This is Who I’m Meant to Be!” by Amy Pflueger 175 219 Reader Views Kids

This is me! I am who I’m meant to be!

Amy Pflueger, James & Lucas Pflueger (Illustrator), Connor Pflueger (Character Creation)
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN 9798519247504
Reviewed by Jill Rey for Reader Views (10/2021)

Able is a super kid, with superpowers. He wouldn’t change anything about himself because he is awesome, unique, talented, interested, special and mysterious! Being autistic is a part of him that makes him so special, and he embraces his superpower and educates others.

“This is me!” is written by Amy Pfluger, a mom of two autistic boys, and houses a story that was created with the help of her entire family, including her husband and two boys who played the roles of content creators and illustrators. From the cover to the very last page of this book, the pictures make the read feel fun, sparking kids’ excitement to go draw their own superheroes. In fact, drawing your own superhero is an activity saved for the last page of the book, with space for readers to draw themselves as a super kid, an engaging way to get everyone involved in the fun and making them a part of this relatable book.

This story draws kids in by helping them feel represented as well as serving as a platform to understand their own friends, classmates, and neighbors. It is also a great read for parents and caregivers as they are invited into Able’s super world. Using her own experience raising autistic boys, author Amy Pflueger uses just a few dozen pages to share with parents the successes she’s had in recapturing her son’s attention, quieting the loud feelings, understanding the interruptions, and embracing the excitement. By showing readers squishy things help calm, hugs can get tight, shoulder taps can refocus, and eye contact isn’t disrespectful, everyone can begin to see the uniqueness in each other’s superpowers. 

“This is me! I am who I’m meant to be!” is an education for both adults and children. This book shows us how to embrace our own uniqueness, talents, and interests, empowering those that read it to feel super! Perfect for kids beginning school, full of new faces, to those well versed in making new friends, this is a read perfect for helping our little ones understand more about themselves and the talents of everyone around them. 

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