“Feasters: The Circle” by Solomon Petchers

“Feasters: The Circle” by Solomon Petchers 175 263 Reader Views Kids

Feasters: The Circle

Solomon Petchers
AGITA Books (2021)
ISBN: 9781737416944
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (01/2022)

Okay…the cover is creepy enough. Then add in the title, and suddenly learn that this is the much-anticipated sequel to an award-winning book called, “Feasters: An Apocalyptic Tale,” and your skin starts to crawl. Literally.

Now, I never had the pleasure of reading the first book, so I took it upon myself to go back and get the gist of it so that I wouldn’t be lost with this one. I have to say, however, I was not. The author did an excellent job of making sure this could work as a standalone for those readers who missed out on his “Apocalyptic Tale.” As I got ready to begin, I had my fists clenched and my eyes at half-mast. I do the latter so, just in case something happens that’s gross, I can close my eyes really quick. (I know…that doesn’t work, but it’s the only thing I have.) Yet, this action-packed thriller was all about adventure and entertainment, not disgust. And even though your favorite “dark” characters run rampant in this (zombies, vampires, etc.), an amazing cast and even snippets of romance offset the darkness perfectly and cause you to never shut your eyes, even once.

My favorite character was Andrew (probably because he said the great and memorable line: “Facing down a herd of Feasters pales in comparison with the possibility of losing Emily.”) His romantic, loving heart while having to face a herd of zombies stood out among the rest. However, the entire group showed bravery and strength as they fought for themselves and each other in this post-apocalyptic world.

To catch you up, it was after barely escaping death that Kiernan, Emily and Andrew – the vampires – start over again in the exact location that actually was at the core of their almost demise the first time around: Sebastian Labs. This time, however, it turns out that evil goes by the name of “The Circle.” This threat is actually not against the vampires, however; The Circle’s goal is to end humans for good and support/advance vamps no matter what the cost. Joined by a new character, an apocalypse survivor named Carissa, the group has to fight and find ways around the evil and difficulties that this new horrific world is made up of. But along the way, they also find a number of surprises they never thought were possible.

There’s not one second where the reader will not beg for more from author Solomon Petchers. He has created a true carnival of sights and sounds that runs at the speed of a roller-coaster, yet adds those dashes of beauty and love that, to me, is what made the “Twilight” series even readable. Watching the characters grow and transform was interesting throughout the tale, and the relationships formed were, at times, mesmerizing.

I wanted to know so much more, and now all I can hope is that this series is anything but over. I will go back and read the first one, but I truly hope there’s a third in the works so I can catch up with these characters who have, after only one story, become some of my absolute favorites.

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