“Legends of the Donut Shop” by Terry Overton

“Legends of the Donut Shop” by Terry Overton 175 262 Reader Views Kids

Legends of the Donut Shop

Terry Overton
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 979-8435290882
Reviewed by Amy Lignor for Reader Views (04/2022)

I’m going to begin by thanking author Terry Overton from the bottom of my heart for this book, “Legends of the Donut Shop.” Reason being…I had a grandpa who I absolutely idolized (still do, actually). I still have a black-and-white photo of him and me on my night table. He is wearing his fedora and looking like Indiana Jones with his arm on my shoulder, because I was only about three feet high at the time, and we’re standing by a 1950’s automobile, which is when they made cars actually look awesome. That photo is my favorite because I used to see him and Grandma every Sunday and I would sit outside in a rocking chair, while he fixed the car or polished it up, and told me stories about his life. From meeting Grandma and marrying her because she was supposedly the only one who basically told him to get lost (and he was surprised by that, so he took it as a challenge); to the times when he donned his Air Force duds to fight for his country.

Well…in this book there is a grandpa, too. And even though our main character experiences a horrifying moment where he is injured in a head-on collision with another car, it’s that moment in time that brings about a near-death experience allowing the seventeen-year-old main character, Wes Williams, to travel back in time and walk into the Donut Shop once again to spend time with his beloved grandfather. Now, Wes’ grandad sits with other pals of his, with Wes by his side, and these men tell tales about their lives, their time in the service, as well as share jokes with one another while Wes looks on, becomes engaged, and ends up truly caring about all of these men—they include a sheriff who retired from his career at catching bad guys, and veterans who have so much cool stuff to say. In fact, the stories are so well told by this author that readers are automatically sent back to their own “special” times with family where they learned, laughed, cried, and realized how important having a family really is.

This great group of men also taught young Wes strength, determination, courage, and hope – something that Wes comes to understand and be grateful for when he’s going through the most traumatic event of his life. In addition, in the type of world we live in today that’s filled with sadness and depression, these men and their relationship with Wes is a breath of fresh air. It will benefit our present-day children out there who need someone to talk to, listen to, and get that shot of faith from in order to save their own lives and move forward.

I am a huge fan of YA and teen books; however, I believe this one is really for all ages. Adults need this shot of faith and adrenaline too, especially those like me who have recently lost parents, gained beautiful grandchildren, and are learning quickly that now we are that “generation” that these kids want to listen to, learn from, and be loved by. And I’m all for it! I would be honored to be remembered one day by my grandchildren the way I remember that beloved man who polished his car until it gleamed brighter than an angel’s wings, while showing how much he loved me by opening the doors to his past and letting me see what a wonderful human being that man was…and what a lucky little girl I was to have him as my grandfather.

Readers, if you listen to nothing else I say this year (and that would be just criminal, mind you, LOL), please listen to this: Terry Overton and her “Legends of the Donut Shop” is a must-read for everybody out there. It is well-written, emotional, fun, entertaining, and a perfectly presented book that’s a “gift” for all readers out there. It should also win a great many awards once the year has passed by! If I could give more, I would: “5-Stars!”

  • Terry Silva

    This book is so amazing. I loved hearing the stories that these men lived. I love that they are passing them down from generation to generation. Terry Overton is an amazing author and I appreciate her and her stories so much.

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