Benjamin Buys Time

Terry Overton (author) Debra Louis (illustrator)
Independently Published (2022)
ISBN: 97898447929770
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (05/2022)

“Benjamin Buys Time” by Terry Overton is the children’s adaptation of the moral: love and joy can’t be bought, they should be recognized and enjoyed when they happen.

Benjamin is a small boy outside playing his games when his mother shows up to ruin his fun and force him to stop everything that means anything to him! At least this is how Benjamin sees it, but in actuality, his mother tells him that, for the time being, it is time to end his playing so she can go to the grocery store. To say Benjamin is unhappy is an understatement; he throws a fit, but on his way home he meets up with his “wise old neighbor” with a suggestion for Benjamin that is intriguing – pay him any amount of money, and he’ll transport Benjamin to a place and situation of his choosing; he’ll gladly send him to his next choice if he isn’t happy in his current location.

How can Benjamin pass this up?! This is the chance to be and do what he wants instead of having to listen to his mom and her selfish wants! It takes some time, but not too long before he realizes that what he thought he wanted to be doing maybe isn’t the best thing, and he realizes he misses those closest to him when he’s on his own too much. To end his eventful day, Benjamin recognizes the source of all of his (and everyone’s) happiness and gives a big “thank you” to the one responsible.

I read “Benjamin Buys Time” with my eight-year-old daughter and loved that there are multiple positive things mentioned in the story. The moral of the story was clear to me, so I asked my daughter if she understood. She responded with a correct synopsis of the story and said that love and joy can’t be bought, but needed to be explained the underlying lesson that Benjamin would be showing love to his mother by obeying her, and showing and living joy by doing her wishes in a positive and joyful manner. I am a fan of the multiple messages throughout the story and would recommend re-reading this book multiple times because of its important and relatable content.

“Benjamin Buys Time” by Terry Overton will appeal to readers who merely enjoy sitting down with stories, Christians, and those who want magic, as well.

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