“ABC’s from the Bible” by Yvonne M. Morgan

“ABC’s from the Bible” by Yvonne M. Morgan 175 219 Reader Views Kids

ABCs from the Bible

Yvonne M. Morgan
4RV Children’s Corner(2021)
Illustrated by Jeanne Conway
ISBN: 9781950074310
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning for Reader Views (8/21)

“ABCs from the Bible” by Yvonne M. Morgan is a regular ABC book, except it’s much more than that, as it covers such an important topic.

Starting at the beginning of the book, A is for angels. This page was fun to read and discuss because my husband has a close tie to a family member who has seen an angel when it saved him from being hit by a car when he was younger. My kids got the chance to call that person and ask them about the experience and learn from it. My kids, surprisingly, weren’t aware of guardian angels, so this was a great opportunity to teach them. Next is B is for the Bible, where we learn about Jesus and God, and then C is for the cross that Jesus died on to save us from our sins. The cross has a history by itself as well as regarding Christianity; having the opportunity pop up every couple of pages to teach something new to my kids was amazing. Every letter in the alphabet is something from the Bible, but some of the letters like X and Z are more of a stretch.

“ABCs from the Bible” is an excellent book for teaching your kids about things included or alluded to from the Bible (like playing music through a xylophone to the Lord and looking at a zebra God created for us). If your child is too young or doesn’t care for you to interrupt your storytelling, then it works well as an ABC book, but it’s more wholesome because of its content.

Reading through it, you could treat it as a mini–Sunday School lesson if you expanded on some of the topics covered. For the kids, the illustrations include calm colors but are colorful and enjoyable to look at. The pictures make it easy to tell what is going on in case a younger reader doesn’t know how to read a word. The book is easy enough for young readers to understand overall. Occasionally, there is a line that doesn’t flow quite right for them to understand. These lines continue with the rhyming pattern but are worded differently than young readers would normally see elsewhere.

Overall, “ABCs from the Bible” by Yvonne M. Morgan a worthwhile read for any age reader and our entire family enjoyed the book!

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