“Lily’s Grooves” by Christopher Minor

“Lily’s Grooves” by Christopher Minor 175 141 Reader Views Kids

Lily’s Grooves

Christopher Minor
Gatekeeper Press (2020)
ISBN: 9781662902611
Reviewed by Lydia (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (12/2020)
5 stars – A cat helps a music store

“Lily’s Grooves” by Christopher Minor is about a cat named Lily. Lily’s owners are excited about opening their new music store named Grooves. They are not excited about keeping Lily at home. Lily is a messy kitten who would turn a clean room into a messy room. They decided to bring Lily to their store when they played some music at home and it calmed her down. They set up a nice, comfy corner for Lily to rest. Mr. Donald, the owner of the building, came right by Lily and he didn’t like her, he thought that she would mess up his store building, and he wasn’t a nice man. After he left, Lily attracted lots of customers to the store. This was good for the store because they probably sold a lot of music. Lily’s owners decided to rename their store “Lily’s Grooves” because Lily liked music and helped them.

I like the story because it has a cat in it. I really like cats and was excited about this book. I have two cats, and Lily is like my younger one. I also like music and like that it helped to calm Lily. I like the pictures with Lily in them, and the other pictures are colorful and cover the whole page. I like that there aren’t a lot of words on each page. Most of the words are easy to understand, but there are a few that I had to have explained to me. The story has the right amount of pages. At the end of the book, it asks for a song that makes me feel peaceful, my answer is any Sunday School song that I learn at church or school. I think that kids my age will like this story and kids of any age will like a story about Lily the cat.

Note from Mom: This is a cute story of a cat named Lily who behaves like any kitten- into everything and is messy! “Lily’s Grooves” was an enjoyable read for Lydia because it includes realistic characteristics of cats. The text is simple enough to understand for my six and four-year-old with some words like “mellow” and “loomed” that helps to expand their vocabulary when taught their meanings. Overall, a great book for kids to read.

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