“Touch” by Rebecca Miller

“Touch” by Rebecca Miller 172 265 Reader Views Kids


Rebecca Miller
Unveiled Publishing 2021
ISBN: 978-0578860879
Reviewed by Verna Coy for Reader Views (08/2021)

“Touch” is a novel by Rebecca Miller as told through the eyes of a young teenage girl touched by circumstances out of her control. The resulting emotions and personal growth reveal a deep coming-of-age tale that will draw fans of this genre.

Megan is an artist. Specifically, she likes to draw and sketch. When her mother dies suddenly, her creativity is drastically affected, and she finds herself unable to draw. The shock to her and her family cause significant changes, beginning with the loss, then moving across the country to a new location. The changes are devastating until Megan meets Shawn. She soon realizes that there are people in the world who have bigger problems than she does. Will she be able to coax Shawn out of his shell? Is there a new beginning for either of them? To find out, you must read this drama-filled story!

The character development in this book is exceptional. Although told from Megan’s viewpoint, the book is written well enough that each person in the story comes across as vivid and well-rounded. Their feelings and thoughts suit their actions perfectly. Although Megan seemed resentful of her situation, she still cared about her family and regretted their current situation.

What I loved the most in this book was how the author described Megan’s artwork. The way she used her charcoal to make lines, using pressure and smudging, to depict her strong and heartfelt emotions, made the pictures come to life in the reader’s mind. That attention to detail and the connection between creative expression, emotion, and artistic ability all contributed to the breadth and depth of this emotionally dramatic novel.

The book is excellently edited, and I found no flaws to note in this review. The pace is just right and flows smoothly with continued points of interest in the plot without leaving readers behind. The personal trials of each character and how they deal with each one are delivered with a raw and sometimes bold sensitivity and caring that will resonate with fans of heavy drama. For these reasons, I rate this book with 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend it to readers who love a deep plotline full of emotions.

“Touch” by Rebecca Miller is for a young adult and mature audience as it does contain sexual content as well as frequent, strong profanity.

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