“Asi Crezco” by Dia L. Michels

“Asi Crezco” by Dia L. Michels 175 227 Reader Views Kids

Así Crezco

Author Dia L. Michels
Illustrator Wesley Davies
Science Naturally (2020)
ISBN: 9781938492273
Reviewed by Evan C (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (04/2021)

This book is called Así Crezco which means This Is How I Grow and it’s all about animals. If you love animals and animal babies this is the book for you. You basically get to go on an adventure around the world learning about how animal babies grow and where they grow. For example, the first animal you learn about is the bat. Then all you have to do is flip the page and you are in a new place learning about a new animal.

I have so many favorites, but I think the one I loved learning the most about is the Polar Bear because they live where I live, in the cold! This book I was not able to read on my own because it was in Spanish. My great grandparents were able to read it to me and I was able to learn to say some new words to work on saying. What was neat was being able to guess what the page was about by looking at the drawings. Then my great grandparents would read it to me and I was able to translate some of the words. The drawings helped a lot, and the drawings were so pretty. At the end of the book, I was able to play a game with questions that were in the back with my abuelitos, that means grandparents!

Mom’s Note: I loved this book so much. We are teaching Evan Spanish and I can speak it but not fluently. I thought it was fun to have my grandparents read this to him. Then they would translate it together and share facts about that animal. At the end of the book, they read the question in Spanish and allowed him to answer what he thought, and then they shared what the answer was. It was a such a fun experience to see my grandparents read with him over FaceTime. I love that it comes in English and Spanish. Such a great informational book, tons of facts and gorgeous illustrations.

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