“A Prophecy of Wings” by Jane McGarry

“A Prophecy of Wings” by Jane McGarry 172 265 Reader Views Kids

A Prophecy of Wings

Jane McGarry
Independently Published (2021)
ISBN: 9781736588413
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views Kids (11/2021)

“A Prophecy of Wings” by Jane McGarry is a contemporary young adult fantasy novel loosely based on the classic fairy-tale Thumbelina by Hans Christian Andersen.

Sixteen-year-old Lina has led a very quiet life with her older adoptive parents. Living on a farm away from others has kept her from having much of a social life. When her parents pass away, her next closest contact is an old crone who is healer named Edwina, who lives in a small cottage in the woods. As Lina’s mother was preparing to pass away, she made Lina promise her that she would take a velvet bag to Edwina. Lina had always wondered what was so special about that bag because her parents treated it like a treasure. Little did she know its content was going to change her entire world forever. Edwina teaches Lina that she has a legacy waiting for her in the fairy world, but she must fight an evil queen to claim her place. Lina’s adventure in the land of the fae begins after she learns the story of her family, and while she often finds herself in danger, she also creates alliances with other faeries and woodland creatures. They must band together to help Lina fulfill a prophecy in which she will defeat this evil queen who has been destroying their beautiful land.

Though “A Prophecy of Wings,” was written to target a young adult audience, readers of all ages will absolutely love it. While the heroine is a teenager, she isn’t an annoying one, readily taking on the challenges thrown at her. This sends a nice message to teenagers, because she pushes through no matter what obstacles are placed in her path.

The character development is exceptionally done. The plot twists add an interesting and unique touch that makes this book stand out from others. The scenes are also described in vivid detail, as are the unique characters. It was nice to be able to easily visualize this incredible fantasy.

I highly recommend that fans of fantasy read this novel. It would also make a nice selection for a reader’s group or a class reading assignment.

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