Simon and the Sad Salad by Teigan Margetts

Simon and the Sad Salad by Teigan Margetts 175 175 Reader Views Kids

Simon and the Sad Salad
Teigan Margetts
Ethicool Books (2020)
ISBN: 9780648702412
Reviewed by Lydia (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (7/2020)

In “Simon and the Sad Salad” by Teigan Margetts, there is a class of kids that is getting ready for a class party at the end of the school year. All of the kids are going to bring something to eat, most of them look like they’re going to bring candy or something sweet. There is a boy named Simon who doesn’t have a lot of money, so all he can bring is a salad. The salad looks sad because there’s not a lot of things in the salad and it doesn’t look fresh and yummy. Simon knows his salad doesn’t look very good, and that makes him sad. The other kids make fun of him for his sad-looking salad, so that makes him sadder. There is a girl named Asha who asks her mom why Simon is sad and finds out what is the matter. Asha is told by her mom that sharing with others who don’t have very much is a good thing to do.

It made me sad when I read about Simon and how he doesn’t have a lot of things. It also made me sad when the kids made fun of him. I don’t know of anyone like this around me, but if I did, my brother and I came up with things that we would share with them to make them happy, because the things that we have make us happy. It made me happy to see Asha sharing with Simon because that’s what I would be told to do and would do for someone. I think that kids of any age will like this story because they may know someone like Simon and if they didn’t know of a way to help, then they will after they read this story. The story is quick to read and the pictures are fun to look at.

A Note from Mom: This is an appropriate book for kids of any age to show the importance of sharing for any reason, but especially when it means providing better for someone else. Especially in this day, showing kindness to others in any way goes a long way to deflect doubt of a person’s intentions. Teaching the skill of sharing and kindness will help raise up a better generation. Margetts book helps to spread awareness of a national crisis among people we may not even be aware of. I recommend this book to anyone, especially those who care about the well-being of others.

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