“Chloe the Unfeathered Parrot” by Regan W.H. Macauley

“Chloe the Unfeathered Parrot” by Regan W.H. Macauley 175 175 Reader Views Kids

Chloe the Unfeathered Parrot

Regan W.H. Macauley (author) Wei Lu (illustrator)
Mirror Publishing (2022)
ISBN: 978-1612254814
Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (08/2022)

“Chloe the Unfeathered Parrot,” by award-winning Regan W.H. Macauley, illustrated by Wei Lu, is an informative and entertaining children’s book about a special parrot by the name of Chloe. Chloe needs a permanent home after being surrendered by a man she lived with, but is now much too busy to care for her due to work obligations.

Chloe’s saga takes readers on a journey of what it’s like when a pet is given up, and what it is like for this particular parrot, who is so stressed and lonely that she plucks out her own feathers, leaving her featherless. This creates a unique issue with the sanctuary’s efforts in finding Chloe a home. Several efforts are made, but it seems that those coming to the sanctuary to adopt her are inappropriate choices. The concern revolves around Chloe being featherless, and how others would interact with or accept her.

The author’s own experience lends realism and insight into the problems encountered in adopting an animal with special needs. But this story has a happy ending that is fitting and perfect for Chloe and her adoptive “flock,” which is what the sanctuary was looking for all along.

The story will teach children what it’s like when animals and birds are adopted, and how possible it is to have positive outcomes. The illustrations are just right for the story, and really open up the details and characters authentically. This book would be ideal for a school library, or for any young reader wanting to learn more about adopting a pet.

The daycare idea at the close of the book is a perfect choice by the author. Life lessons can be learned from this book—one being that it takes a special home to accommodate a special pet, and that a diligent search can have fruitful results for everyone. Another lesson could be that children with special needs—especially foster children waiting to be adopted—can learn to recognize their special qualities, embrace who they are, and find their “flock” too.

“Chloe the Unfeathered Parrot”, by Regan W.H. Macauley, is a wonderful read and a special story for the young, and the young at heart.

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