“Who’s Afraid of a Lion?” by Lee Jenkins

“Who’s Afraid of a Lion?” by Lee Jenkins 175 250 Reader Views Kids

Who’s Afraid of a Lion?

Lee Jenkins
LtoJ Press (2020)
ISBN: 978-1-7330110-8-2
Reviewed by Lydia (age 7) and Mom for Reader Views (02/2022)

“Who’s Afraid of a Lion?” is the story of a bully, but it’s different because the bully is a little bitty bug, and he’s picking on a big, strong lion! The whole story is about this bug flying around the lion and hurting him; this part I don’t like too much. When my mom would read the book, she’d tickle me in the spots that the bug was getting the lion, in places like the calves, head, nose, ribs, shoulder, and neck, as well as others.

The story was okay to read; it wasn’t as exciting as I’d like it. I got a little tired of the bug hurting the lion over and over, but when my mom tickled me, that made it more exciting. My younger brother likes the story, so maybe because I’m older, that could be why it’s not as exciting to me. I do like the ending because it’s a happy ending, and it happens out of nowhere! The first time I read it, I was not expecting that. The story doesn’t have too many words, so it’s not too difficult to read by myself. Even though I wouldn’t say this is my favorite book, I think that kids my age and younger will like it.

Note from Mom: I like the message in “Who’s Afraid of a Lion?” because it teaches several things. One thing is that it shows kids that when you’re mean to others, they don’t like it, as evidence of the lion’s face. A second thing is that the bad guy usually gets what’s coming to them, although not always in real life. This story can work as a conversation piece for kids and their parents to talk about the right way to interact with others and to teach them empathy for those who are being picked on.

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