“The Legend of Crocknest Island” by Alice James

“The Legend of Crocknest Island” by Alice James 175 175 Reader Views Kids

The Legend of Crocknest Island

Alice James
Halo Publishing International (2020)
ISBN 9781612448534
Reviewed by Zack (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (1/21)

“The Legend of Crocknest Island” by Alice James is an awesome book! Crocknest Island is a place where the animals go when they become extinct or are close to being extinct on earth. It’s a magical island!

No one knows where Crocknest island is so the animals are all safe and I like that the animals have a place like that to go. The Crocknest monster is the animal the island is named for and she takes care of all the animal eggs and babies when their mothers work. She protects everybody on the island. Then there’s IC and Igi who make sure everything works on the island. I like how all the animals work together and get along with each other.

I like the pictures because they are so bright and colorful and show how all the animals work together and are happy. I like the way Igi looks the best with his long legs. He looks like a spider with eyes all over his body.

My favorite character is Glo Bird because she goes on an adventure to rescue the orangutans. It was scary for Glo Bird and the rescue team because they had to go at night when people couldn’t see them. Glo Bird was sad that the people cut down all the trees but she got the orangutans to their new home on Crocknest Island and they were happy to see all the trees.

I would love to visit Crocknest Island and help rescue animals with Glo Bird. The cover of the book made me think this would be a fun place to live but people aren’t allowed on the island.

A Note from Mom: This is a great book that teaches about endangered animals and Zack really enjoyed it, especially the rescue mission. It also encourages working together and taking care of the environment. There is a lot of valuable information on these pages presented with beautiful colorful illustrations to hold your child’s attention. If you have a young animal lover, this book is one you must have on your bookshelf.

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