“Shared Courage” by Theresa James

“Shared Courage” by Theresa James 175 175 Reader Views Kids

Shared Courage

Theresa James
Halo Publishing International (2020)
ISBN: 9781612449241
Reviewed by Lydia (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (1/21)

“Shared Courage” by Theresa James is about a girl named Courtney. Courtney and her family are going to a waterpark on a trip; this will be the first time they have been to this waterpark. They are all excited about it. They go swimming in some waves and then go to the tall waterslide. It is huge! Courtney gets scared because it’s so high up, and her brother makes fun of her. He gets in trouble for this, but then her mom makes her decide if she is going up or walking back down. She doesn’t want to walk down by herself but she is scared to go all the way up to the top, too. Courtney has to decide if she will be brave or a scaredy-cat. Then she sees another girl with her family who is looking scared about going on the ride. If Courtney goes on the ride, will she like it? Will she help the other girl to be brave?

“Shared Courage” is about becoming brave, even when you are scared to do something. There are lots of scary things in the world, but if you do something or think about it, then it can help you not be scared as much anymore. I talk to my mom a lot to help me feel better about things. I like how Courtney is nice and ends up helping someone to feel better, too. I thought her brother was mean to make fun of her, so I’m glad he got in trouble with their dad. I think I would have been a little scared, too, to go on that ride, but also excited! I would have felt a lot like Courtney did. I thought the people in the book looked kind of funny, but I like how there is lots of color on the pages, and it looks real. I think that kids of any age will like reading this book because it is about something that happens to lots of people.

A Note from Mom: “Shared Courage” is well-written. I like that it’s about a real-life situation (at least it seems that way in the story). I feel that the author got her point across and that the title accurately reflects the overall story.

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