“Galagamous the Galactic Garbage Collector” by Julia Irwin

“Galagamous the Galactic Garbage Collector” by Julia Irwin 175 135 Reader Views Kids

Galagamous the Galactic Garbage Collector

Julia Irwin
Grateful Greek Publishing (2020)
ISBN 9780578227160
Reviewed by Zack (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (1/2021)

“Galagamous The Galactic Garbage Collector” by Julia Irwin is a book about how Galagamous gets an important job in his city. Galagamous is a hermit that lives on the planet Magopolary with his friend Fizbot. Fizbot is a green monster. Galagamous and Fizbot get teased a lot because they don’t look like everyone else and it made them sad. Galagamous wished he looked different but his wish didn’t come true. Then the mayor made them the garbage collectors and Galagmous and Fizbot took off on a spaceship to collect the garbage. They found something strange while they were collecting the garbage and saved it, making them heroes. I can’t tell you what, you just have to read the book! After that, the people didn’t make fun of Galagamous anymore.

My favorite part was when Galagamous and Fizbot took off in the spaceship because even though they collected stinky garbage it was cool a cool spaceship. I want to fly on a spaceship one day if I become an astronaut. I really like the pictures because they are so bright and make you see what is going on in the story better. My favorite character was Galagamous because I like his blue hair. I did not like when people made fun of Galagamous and Fizbot. I also like their names because they are funny.

A Note from Mom: Zack loved this book and has read it several times already. I expect it to be a favorite of his for quite a while. I liked how the book teaches kids how to be more confident in who they are without actually preaching to them. Galagamous takes pride in his job and what he is doing for his city and his self-esteem flourishes. This is a great book about not giving your power away to bullies or anyone else that claims you are “less than” and I think it’s a valuable book for young readers.

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