“Arlo, Mrs. Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo” by Alice Hemming

“Arlo, Mrs. Ogg and the Dinosaur Zoo” by Alice Hemming 170 265 Reader Views Kids

Arlo, Mrs. Ogg, and the Dinosaur Zoo

Author: Alice Hemming
Illustrator: Kathryn Durst
Maverick Arts Publishing LTD (2019)
ISBN: 9781848864689
Reviewed by Evan C. (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (10/2020)

Arlo is in the 4x class. He loves dinosaurs, likes to write in his notebook and play with his friends Nathan and Daisy May. According to his notebook his class is full of a bunch of not-so-great listeners and super crazy kids. No one wants to be their teacher. So, when their principal has to find someone to fill the shoes, they meet Mrs. Ogg. Mrs. Ogg, she does not talk much but she is what class 4x needs to go on their Zoo field trip. She requests each kid bring a T-bone steak on the trip. Arlo has no idea why but her note signed with just a big X says to do it.

Arlo wants to make sure his class has their listening ears on during the trip. He puts together a list of what he needs to watch out for while at the zoo. But on their trip to the zoo they take a different turn and end up at a Dinosaur Zoo.

There they all come face to face with dinosaurs they only dreamed about. Arlo cannot believe that he is seeing dinosaurs he only sees in the pages of his notebook. He never imaged his class would be chased by a T Rex or feed an Ichthyosaur.

4X has a Jurassic experience and will never forget their first field trip. I wish I could be in Arlo’s class. I have a notebook just like him with so many dinosaurs facts and drawings. I think Arlo would be one of my best friends. if you love dinosaurs and an adventure for the whole family this is it.

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