“Word Dragon” by Tevin Hansen

“Word Dragon” by Tevin Hansen 155 265 Reader Views Kids

Word Dragon

Tevin Hansen
Handersen Publishing (2018)
ISBN 9781947854307
Reviewed by Evan C. (age 6) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (09/2020)

“Word Dragon” by Tevin Hansen is an awesome book. When Eli and Grace go to Uncle Larry’s Second-hand store with their dad to buy a lawnmower they end up buying more than they bargained for.

Uncle Larry tells them a story while their dad is looking for a lawnmower. But the thing is the story isn’t just a story it is an adventure. One that Uncle Larry says they can go on but to be careful and watch out for a fire breathing beast.

Only this beast likes Scrabble and large rocks! Oh, and is an actual dragon!  Eli and Grace decide to go through a secret door and find themselves face to face with a fire breathing word dragon named Fireball. A Word dragon knows a lot of words. Even tricky words. I love this book because I love words and I love dragons. Words are so important and put them together and you can discover new things.

I am not going to tell you everything that happens but I can tell you that this dragon is not like most dragons. This dragon, Fireball is smart. Remember to stay away from his mouth!  Think you can beat a Word Dragon at his very own game? Grab this book and see if you can. Make sure you bring a dictionary – those Q words are tricky.

A Note from Mom

I wasn’t sure what to think about this book when I received it. I loved the cover and when I read the description as a parent I was excited to start reading. We sat down for the first time and read the first 6 chapters together. Each chapter transitioned so nicely that we almost skipped dinner to see what happened next to Eli and Grace. There are no illustrations in the book but don’t make that be the deciding factor. My eager reader took the opportunity and created his own word dragon while I continued to read. He told me that Eli was close to Evan they could be friends. He put himself into the story alongside Grace and Fireball. When a book makes you believe you are in the story and that the story is no longer a story but a world that you never knew existed, that is a book you want to hold on to because that journey is never-ending.

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