“If My Oak Tree Could Speak” by Rachel Greening

“If My Oak Tree Could Speak” by Rachel Greening 175 200 Reader Views Kids

If My Oak Tree Could Speak

Author: Rachel Greening
Illustrator: Janice Barber
TellWell Talent (2021)
Reviewed by Evan C. (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (08/2021)

“If My Oak Tree Could Speak” by Rachel Greening is a story that is so fun! I liked how it made me think! The story is all about looking at things differently. How would an Oak Tree sound if it could talk? When my mom read it, she had different voices, and I loved listening to how she thought each one sounded. Then I started looking at what would happen if other things could talk.

I thought it would be so funny to hear a bathtub talk. Would they think they are extra clean? Would they need a bath? Or would they prefer to be dirty? This book made me laugh because I never thought of what would things that don’t talk say if they could talk. What would the ocean say if it could talk? I think it would be so fun to hear the world and animals talk. The story talks about what if a pillow could dance, could you imagine? So I went and got my pillow and we started dancing. A fun, silly book that makes me look at the world in a different way!

A Note From Mom: The illustrations are adorable in this book, but the words that the author used… WOW. This book is such a fun read because I feel like it makes the reader look at the world differently. It made my little reader think about objects, and the world through their imagination. I have always said that I hope my son doesn’t lose that sense of wonder and this book showed me he still has it, and so do I! This book definitely made us look at the world differently and I will be sharing this title with others. A book that can turn a regular day into a fun day is a book you want on your shelf – “If My Oak Tree Could Speak” by Rachel Greening is that book!

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