“Little Doves: Affirmation Workbooks 1-3” by Ann Fitzpatrick

“Little Doves: Affirmation Workbooks 1-3” by Ann Fitzpatrick 175 226 Reader Views Kids

Little Doves: Affirmation Workbooks 1-3

Ann Fitzpatrick
Annemarie O’ Brien (Illustrator)
Little Doves (2020)
ISBN: 9781735610504; 9781735610511; 9781735610528
Reviewed by Lydia (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (05/2021)

“Little Doves Affirmation Workbooks” by Ann Fitzpatrick are workbooks that have either thirteen or fifteen good things that someone can tell themselves when they aren’t feeling good or happy. Each of the statements begin with “I am…” so you are talking about yourself every time. There is the “I am” statement on the top to read, trace it underneath there, unscramble the phrase, and then color the words at the bottom of each page. The workbooks are mainly the phrases; in workbook 3 it is only phrases.  In workbooks 1 and 2 there are thirteen phrases. In workbook 1 there are three extra activities to do – a look and find, word search, and a maze. In workbook 2 there are four extra activities – using your imagination, a word search, and a maze. The activities are fun to do and most of them include doves.

The workbooks are good to be used together because they are all about the same thing, they just include different words and phrases. If someone didn’t like something about themselves, these books would help them feel better. The pages are colorful and include a page to write an answer to a question that has to do with the special word or phrase. The books are regular-sized, but could be taken anywhere in a backpack, bag, or purse.

Note from Mom:

Being in the mental health field, I can definitely see these books being beneficial resources for children suffering from anxiety and depression due to low self-esteem. I like that there is repetition in the books with reading the affirmation, having to trace, unscramble, and color in the letters. Then there is a short activity/question that pertains to each affirmation that is also relevant in making the affirmation part of the long-term memory. Lydia has enjoyed using them as workbooks and doing the activities included in them. 

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