“Winston the Traveling Dog” by Cynthia Anne Finefrock

“Winston the Traveling Dog” by Cynthia Anne Finefrock 175 175 Reader Views Kids

Winston the Traveling Dog

Cynthia Anne Finefrock
Faithful Friends Publishing (2021)
ISBN: 9781736945902
Reviewed by Lydia (age 7) and Mom for Reader Views Kids (11/2021)

“Winston the Traveling Dog” is a funny book about a dog named Winston who travels around the world. The story begins when Winston gets bored at his house and wants something to do. He gets done watching TV and realizes that he wants to travel; traveling sounds exciting, but also kind of scary. Winston gets the okay from his parents (“pawrents” – haha) and gets on a plane! Winston starts his trip in London and sees Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. He eats some yummy food and plays some before he heads to Paris. In Paris, he shops for some new clothes and meets a new friend! Then Winston travels to Italy where he learns that there is not a leaning tower of pizza but still gets to eat pizza while he’s there! When Winston is done traveling, he is exhausted but happy that he got to visit some cool places.

I thought this book was funny because there were several times that I laughed at things that Winston said and did. I thought it was funny when he thought the Leaning Tower of Pisa was actually a pizza; I would like for it to actually be pizza and see him eat it! I laughed when Winston called his parents his “pawrents” and when there were other times that “paw” was mentioned in the story. I learned about new places around the world and a couple of new words in other languages. I learned about the guards at Buckingham Palace and a movie star that I hadn’t heard of before. I liked the pictures in the book because of the funny places that Winston was at. If there was another book about Winston and where he travels, I would love to read it! 

A Note from Mom: “Winston the Traveling Dog” is a comical story that is appropriate to read at any time. I loved that Lydia learned about landmarks and people from around the world in the story while also reading an enjoyable story. The reading level is right at her level, although she would have trouble with the landmark names. Reading “Winston the Traveling Dog” was enjoyable for both Lydia and me; this story is great for any aged reader. “Winston” is a lighthearted book that teaches about the world around us that many readers may never experience first-hand as well as how to better themselves by extending outside of their comfort zones. Lydia and I both recommend this story!

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