“Please Don’t Tell Cooper that Jack is a Rabbit” by Michelle Langer Feinberg

“Please Don’t Tell Cooper that Jack is a Rabbit” by Michelle Langer Feinberg 175 219 Reader Views Kids

Please Don’t Tell Cooper that Jack is a Rabbit

Michelle Langer Feinberg
SDP Publishing (2021)
ISBN: 978-1-7361990-3-9
Reviewed by Rachel Dehning (Mom) and Lydia (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (12/2021)

“Please Don’t Tell Cooper That Jack is a Rabbit” is the second book in the Cooper the Dog series by Michelle Lander Feinberg. In the first book, Cooper gets rescued as a stray and joins a loving family. Now, the family is worried about his obsession with chasing rabbits! One day, Cooper sees a rabbit hopping by and darts after it; thankfully, he has the best of intentions and only wants to make a new friend. The rest of the story is comical and sweet; Cooper does all he can to get the rabbit to stop and stay and then be a good friend when it needs love. Cooper and the rabbit show what relationships goals should look like for everyone!

The story is comical, sweet, and teaches worthwhile material, with a wonderful storyline and excellent grammar/editing. The length is just right and, except for a few unfamiliar words, could be read by my second grader. My kids learned that even though Cooper is a dog, and the rabbit is a bunny, there was no good reason why they couldn’t get along and enjoy time with each other. I likened it to their peers at school – almost every kid is different from the other, but that’s what makes us special and unique and worthwhile having as a friend.

A Note from Lydia (age 7) – I liked reading “Please Don’t Tell Cooper that Jack is a Rabbit” because it made me feel lots of things. At first, I was afraid for the rabbit, then happy that they got along, and then bummed when the rabbit wasn’t feeling great. I get homesick too sometimes, so I know how the rabbit was feeling then. I liked the pictures in the book because they are bright and look like they are both drawn and painted at the same time.

I could read the story, except for some words that my mom helped me with, and I could understand what it all meant. I like that Cooper and the rabbit got along and had fun with each other, even though they are different animals. I can’t see two animals actually getting along; if it were two people, I would feel happy that they got along instead of were fighting. 

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