“Mr. Flopsy: Whispers from God” by Christi Eley

“Mr. Flopsy: Whispers from God” by Christi Eley 175 237 Reader Views Kids

Mr. Flopsy: Whispers from God

Christi Eley
Cottontail Publishing. 2020.
ISBN: 9781735968018
Reviewed by Lydia (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (2/21)

“Mr. Flopsy: Whispers from God” by Christi Eley is the story of a little boy who likes to be loud, move around a lot, and always be doing something. He gets confused when he hears adults tell him to be quiet because he thinks that being loud means that you’re having fun. The boy has a pet rabbit named Mr. Flopsy. Mr. Flopsy is quiet a lot of the time and lays really still. This confuses the boy more because he can’t understand how Mr. Flopsy can just lay there, especially when he knows that he likes certain foods and things, and if it were him, he wouldn’t be able to be still if he knew they were close to him.

The boy learns things from Mr. Flopsy, especially what the Bible verse “Be still and know that I am God” means. The boy didn’t understand that verse because he didn’t like to stay still. Mr. Flopsy teaches the boy about being quiet, patient, not scared, not worried, quiet, and happy. Now the boy understands what people are talking about, and what it feels like to be still instead of moving around all of the time. He also learns how smart animals are, especially when it says so in the Bible.

I like this book because as a kid it is hard to understand everything that grown-ups say. This story helps with that and with what the Bible verse means, too. The story is easy to understand and the pictures are fun to look at because they are colorful. I don’t have a bunny for a pet, but I wonder if my pet cats can teach me the same things as Mr. Flopsy? I think that kids of any age will like this book because all kids are wild and can learn what the Bible has to say about being still and being able to hear God when we are quiet.

Note from Mom: This is an awesome Christian children’s book that doesn’t push theology too much but keeps it simple for the targeted audience. I feel that it also speaks to the parents who will be reading the story to the littles. I agree with Lydia that this story is great for all ages and is easy to understand.

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