“Oak Street Treehouse: The Day the New Kid Moved In” by Dick Daniels

“Oak Street Treehouse: The Day the New Kid Moved In” by Dick Daniels 175 237 Reader Views Kids

Oak Street Treehouse: The Day the New Kid Moved In

Dick Daniels
Leadership Development Group (2021)
ISBN: 9781737081500
Reviewed by Lydia (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (11/2021)

“Oak Street Treehouse: The Day the New Kid Moved In” is about a time when a new kid moved in across the street; this is the second book in the “Oak Street Treehouse” series.

In this book, all the kids were in the treehouse having fun when they saw a moving truck across the street. Everyone got excited and wanted to see who it was. The Oak Street kids went to a bush and peeked at the moving truck; three people got out of the car, and the kids heard that the little boy’s name was Cooper. The kids heard a bell go off at their treehouse and got excited about chocolate chip cookies; the kids left to go back and then saw that Cooper followed them. Cooper wanted to get to know the kids, but the kids were more interested in their cookies. After Cooper left, they heard their tablet ding and saw that God had sent them a message. The kids talked to God and found out that it is best when you include other people instead of leaving them out.

I liked the story because it shows kindness by including other people. I wouldn’t like the story too much if the kids left Cooper out because I wouldn’t like to be left out myself. I didn’t like how the kids acted toward Cooper at first when they hid the cookies from him and were selfish instead of being kind and sharing them. I would like some of their cookies; I hope they would share with me!

I liked looking at the pictures in the book because the colors are pretty. I also liked that there are animals in them, too. I like that there are a lot of kids in the Oak Street Treehouse and that they eventually let in another kid.

If the author wrote another Oak Street Treehouse book, I would like to read it; I like that the kids can talk to God through a tablet – I asked my mom why I can’t do that! I wish we could do this, but my mom said we do this through prayer.  

A Note From Mom: I love kids’ books that have a Christian theme and are still relevant to today’s behavioral norms!

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