“The Wondrous Dinosaurium” by John Condon

“The Wondrous Dinosaurium” by John Condon 175 179 Reader Views Kids

The Wondrous Dinosaurium

John Condon (Author), Steve Brown (Illustrator)
Maverick Arts (2020)
ISBN 9781848864740
Reviewed by Evan C. (age 6) for Reader Views Kids (8/2020)

“The Wondrous Dinosaurium” by John Condon and illustrated by Steve Brown is a great book every dinosaur kid should have. Danny is searching for a pet because his mom finally said he can have his very own. He doesn’t want an ordinary pet. No parrot. A dog won’t do. A cat is not for him. He wants a prehistoric one. A dinosaur!

Turns out shopping for a dinosaur is not easy. There are so many options. Mr. Ree, the owner of the Dinosaurium, shows Danny all the dinosaurs that he can choose from. Danny walks from room to room seeing a variety of dinosaurs. He can’t believe it when he sees a liopleurodon, tyrannosaurus, and even a pterodactyl to name a few.

When Danny picks the one he wants he is so excited to finally bring it home. But he quickly finds out that taking care of one is a bit tricky. Some dinosaurs are too big and break things, some eat way too much food, and some might even eat you. He has a hard time figuring out which dinosaur to bring home for good. You won’t believe the pet that Danny ends up with.

I would love to have my own pet dinosaur. I would take all the money from my piggy bank to buy all of them. When I saw the cover of this book I was so excited to visit the Dinosaurium myself. I could even work for Mr. Ree.

A Note from Mom: If you have a dinosaur lover this book is a must on your bookshelf. I don’t think it will ever leave ours. The illustrations are colorful and capture the spirit of a true children’s book. The story of Danny is one I think every dinosaur lover dreams of. The illustrations are bright and keeps your little reader engaged and guessing what will happen next.

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